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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 4, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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option from the government. in snow backs the bill and democrats unite their party behind it, they get 60 votes. and mike viqueira is at the white house. let's talk about the economic numbers and how that might influence what happens now in the on going debate. >> reporter: well, it's true the two are intertwined. we saw the vice president, joe biden, talking up the stimulus package. no accident he is doing that on the eve the numbers were released. it was 9.5%, and then down to 9.4% in just the month after, that was july, and now in august unexpectedly up to 9.7. and having said that the administration said time and time again that they still expect the unemployment rate to rise 10% above before all is
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said and done, not withstanding the fact that the economists say the economy will get back on track and grow the second half of the year. and we have been talking about the lagging indicator. >> here is how health care and the economic recovery are tied. we know that businesses are dealing with skyrocketing health care costs. part of what the president says in his pitch for reforming the system is that it's -- it's an untenable situation to have costs that pretty soon will be out of reach for anybody, except for the wealthy. >> reporter: yeah, and businesses will not be able to extend health care because it's so high, and it's either that or cut jobs. >> yeah, there are businesses saying we don't want the public insurance option or the health care reform. it seems like a contradiction. >> in terms of the public option it appears the chamber
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and other businesses groups in washington will get their wish. i have been talking about people on capitol hill as well as the white house here in the last couple days, and the write something on the wall. when the democratic leadership tries to break it to the base of the party the liberals in the party that the votes simply are not there for a public option, the timing of that is the only thing in question now is what i am hearing. >> coming up, we will talk about another problem coming up that is facing obama. he wants to take on schools and encourage schools and why would schools want to sensor the president? and it's under way among top officials in the obama administration according to "new
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york times". tours are being extended by fearly two months. robert gates may be more open to sending more troops now. >> i take seriously general mcchrystal's point, that the size of the imprint of the footprint depends insignificant can't measure on the nature of the footprint. and the behavior of those troops and their attitudes and their interactions with the afghans. >> richard engel is nbc's chief correspondent. and jim is at the pentagon. mick where do things stand relative to the top players in the debate? >> well the white house is getting, i guess, what you could call cold feet about the long-term military intensive
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mission that appears to be shaping up in afghanistan. according to one senior pentagon official here, they think the president now has buyers remorse. it was in the campaign that president obama said that afghanistan is a war of necessary and a war the u.s. must been. now with a lot of debate and opposition within his own party and apparently according to the "new york times" today also vice president joe biden, concern that general stan mcchrystal may not get all the troops that he thinks that he needs. there are stories out there that stan mcchrystal will present three options and we are told that's not the case. those involved in the case say if he were to present several options, he would say here is what the white house might accept.
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instead, he will give one number and it may be 25 or 30,000 additional forces for early next year. one number only about what mcchrystal thinks that he needs to be successful. >> richard you have been embedded with u.s. troops over there. what do you see from your perspective? >> reporter: the taliban certainly is gaining ground and moving into new areas, as u.s. troops have been pushing deeper into the south and eastern afghanistan. they are driving many of the fighters into previously what have been secure areas in northern afghanistan. if you saw what happened today, there was a large very significant nato air strike right in the north of afghanistan. that had been an area considered safe for a long time where over the last several months taliban
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militants have been moving into the area. and it really depends on what the troops are going to do here. i just returned from southern afghanistan and was walking around near kandahar with u.s. troops and it's clear that in that area it's not just the boots on the ground, but more equipment that they need. the problem in this area is i.e.d.s or roadside bombs. and the troops did not have mind detectors or dogs. a lot of them were going out on foot and looking for them with their instincts on the naked eye. >> richard, quickly, what about this fuel tanker strike by nato jets killing civilians as well as insurgents. what do you know about that? >> that's the strike that i was just talking about. what happened was late last night two fuel tankers carrying
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diesel fuel for troops were hijacked by the taliban militants. they killed two beheading them. and the trucks got stuck in the mud when they tried to cross the river, and they were heavy and weighed down, and so the taliban decided to give out some of the fuel to lightup the load of the trucks and win over some of the local population and win over some of the local villagers. as they were distributing the fuel to fighters and people that lived in the area that's when the air strike took place. according to the local governor who spoke to us this morning 80 or 90 people were killed. he thinks about them, 40 to 50 were fighters, and the others were civilians gathering fuel. >> thank you. thank you both so much.
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let's go out to the fires out in west. officials are looking at possible homicide charges because two firefighters died fighting the fire. the station fire is now about 38% contained but has burned more than 147,000 acres and destroyed at least 65 homes. >> i cry and i cry probably with some frequency. tears come out of my eyes and they run down my cheeks, and i cry. and i am crying now. because it's all gone. and we have owned it -- i owned it for probably the last 12 years. >> officials are trying to track down who started the fire. saying the forensic evidence points to arson. a guy charged of dui is going to court.
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the issue is what police did when they stopped him. he is charging the police with violating his civil rights by forcibly putting a catheter in to collect a urine sample. >> took it one step too far definitely. he felt like he could do whatever to me. it's the worse thing that ever happened to me. >> imagine that. police say they did use a catheter and were following the rules. the tests shown at the scene showed that he was not above the legal limit. it showed that he was not driving drunk, and they took a catheter forcibly into him. a bizarre end to a police chase in southern california. you see the suspect getting out of the car, and literally stripping down getting down to his boxer shorts. he was wanted for domestic abuse. we don't know why he felt the need to disrobe before he
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surrendered. but there it was. sthichlt and then caught by surveillance camera. earlier, wednesday the driver crashed through the front door and hopped out of the car while it was still moving, and stole $150 sex toy and then went back to the moving car and drives out the backdoor. police are trying to enhance the video to see if they can get the license plate number and make out the thief that got away from the $150 item, because of the thousands worth of damage done to the store. and the weather hot spot for the last official weekend. >> reunited at least.
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you refer to him as the pipe piper obama. pipe that i hadder is erpiper is a guy that took children away and never seen again. is that what you think? >> i don't want him to take their minds away to push agenda. it was supposed to be a inspiring message for kids about staying in school and working hard. he is getting criticized because these people say it's an intense for the administration to spread agenda and influence young minds. some parents agree, they say it's not appropriate for the president to speak to their children without their consent or presence. and some states say they will not air the president's message
9:15 am
scheduled for tuesday at noon. and we have a father who is opposed to this president or any president speaking to the students in the fashion. and kathy miller is also a parent of two and she thinks it's a good idea for obama to talk to the students talking to the students. what is the big problem with the president saying stay in school and work hard? >> i think the message is a good message. but at the same time there should not be any access where the students under a captive audience, and the president should not step in and have the undivided attention of the students. we are not there to separate political beliefs from the great message of stay in school and get good grades. we are not there to separate the
9:16 am
teachers that interprets what the president says or the follow-up materials, and now there are misunderstandings of what the materials are supposed to include. >> i can't tell you how many schools that i have spoken to, high school and elementary schools and colleges. do you approve every guest speaker that goes into your child's school? >> let me tell you what. i have a 5-year-old and 6-year-old, so i am knew. but, yes i will do my best to find out what people are having access to my children. 10 years ago i did not care about this issue and i care about it now and i am here to protect my children from whatever the message might be. i am here to protect my children. >> kathy, what is your take? >> i do support every parent's right to decide what their kids will hear or who they will hear
9:17 am
from. i am sad and frankly surprised the president of the united states talking to the kids about staying in school and getting a good education caused such an uproar or flap. it's disappointing and points out how politically divided we all are. i think our kids should have an opportunity to hear from our president who was elected by the people and discuss what he has to say. >> so here is a letter that was sent to my producer from her son's -- well, this is in connecticut. south, east and west will not broadcast the address live. administrators and teachers will preview the speech and then decide what is appropriate for the students. it will be based on grade levels and readiness of the students. and it looks like you have
9:18 am
school administrators deciding what is appropriate. if that's the case, tad, every day, the teacher in your children's classrooms decides what is appropriate for them. what is the difference between that and the president deciding what is appropriate for kids to here. >> you are right. and kathy has great points. the message is probably an excellent message. the problem is we are stepping into this for the first time, where the president will have unfeddered access. what is the next message going to be? in five years, and there is a republican president and he is coming at the students with a conservative message. i leave it to the educators, and i will support them 100%. the superintendent has given me great feedback. i think there is incredible
9:19 am
confusion across the country on where it's supposed to go. >> tad i think there is a lot of confusion because people are not aware -- this is not unprecedented. presidents have addressed students in a number of ways. president bush was reading to school children when the country was attacked eight years ago. and his father addressed students and talked about not doing drugs and staying in school. >> i am so glad you are bringing this up. can i reply? >> go ahead. >> i find it incredibly interested. president bush was reading a book to 30 students. and president george bush was reading a don't do drugs please message. i did not have kids back then. i don't care what the message is. it doesn't go unfeddered into the schools. presidents can do their book readings and that's fine. >> i think they feel the same way, they don't want just anybody having access to their
9:20 am
kids and their you know, because at that point kids are moldable. appreciate it. well a stunning announcement that dugard turned up alive and was reuniting with her family. >> we have sat quiet taking pleasure in each other's company. >> so good morning. i know tina dugard says the family is in a secluded place. >> reporter: we do have a first
9:21 am
glimpse into what is happening. it sounds like from all accounts that they are doing remarkably well certainly better than any of us could have expected. tina dugard was beaming and happy and upbeat as he described in news conferences and interviews yesterday, a remarkably positive portrait of jaycee and her two girls named annual and star light. jaycee immediately recognized all of her family members and she and the girls seemed to be well adjusted and loving. they talked about the quote and it was a stark contrast of what would would expect from somebody who was kidnapped and raped and forced to bear children. >> thank you so much. the sun will be shining in the big apple this holiday weekend.
9:22 am
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a piece of orbiting space junk is expected to pass near the international space station later this morning, but nasa says it doesn't pose a threat to the station or shuttle. and the astronauts installed a tank of coolant for the space station. another space walk is scheduled for tomorrow. and then let's talk about what some consider the last summer weekend. let's go to meteorologist, bill karins, with your forecast. >> i have a lot of great news. the summer was not summer in a few spots especially around
9:26 am
chicago and the northeast. we are getting a piece of great weather. there is no real problems out there today. let's fast-forward and get you into saturday's forecast weekend. sunshine and beautiful conditions from the northern plains into the great lakes and northeast and mid-atlantic. problem areas on saturday. wet weather down in south florida, and especially not great beach weather from miami north words to west palms. and scattered storms in arkansas, and it will be hit and miss. we have the fire down in los angeles the temperatures are going from the mid-90s to lower 80s. and the firefighters will say thank you for that. cooler out there on the frontlines. sunday beautiful weather in the northern plains. and maybe not the best there on sunday in new orleans. and for new england, areas from philadelphia to new york some of the clouds may move in. sunday does not look like the best beach day for the east coast. and by the time labor day
9:27 am
arrives, we are dry and beautiful on the west coast. and we will see set weather. it's a lot of great weather. probably the worse locations maybe in florida and also the northwest. not horrible there but not perfect, either. >> where the weather is nasty. we have alex to watch on msnbc. and monday 12 hour "caught on camera" marathon. looking ahead here on the opening bell. we are expecting it to ring in 30 seconds. we have jobs numbers out this morning. we are hoping to build on yesterday's gains here when we are looking at the job reports. u.s. employers cut fewer than expected 216,000 jobs in august. that was better than expected. yesterday we saw the dow gaining 63 points in yesterday's
9:28 am
trading. and then the opening bell on this september 4th. and, again today investors will pore over the jobs report. it's 9.7% with those 260,000 people losing their jobs last month. and that figure was better than expected. the unemployment rate has more than doubled since the recession began in december of 2007. we will be watching that. >> a final good-bye for the king of pop. more than two months after his sudden death, michael jackson's body is now intered in the mausoleum. we saw the arrivals live but not the ceremony itself.
9:29 am
>> they are trying to preserve the ceremony for the largest impact when it hits the reality show later on. i don't mean to sound cynical, but it's cynical. the brothers have had a deal for a reality show. that's when we will see more of the details from inside the ceremony. i can tell you this. as we know, basically there was one family member did not have a thumb print on that memorial. 70 days after michael jackson's death, we finally have him interred at the forest hills cemetery. >> remember perhaps allowing the public to get access to his
9:30 am
grave, and juryermaine jackson was heading up that. >> getting into the great mausoleum will take real effort. the security there is extremely high. it's under very tight surveyance all the time. and so a short answer, no, they are not going to be able to. that doesn't rule out however some sort of memorial at never land if they are able to keep the property. michael jackson was deep in debt. and if they are able to keep that property don't rule out some sort of memorial there. and don't rule out a memorial in las vegas because that was basically a second home for jackson, too. >> thank you, courtney. still ahead who will take ted kennedy's seat in the u.s. senate? we are joined live by the first person to throw her hat on the ring in that. we will meet one doctor that
9:31 am
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the hunt is on in california for who ever intentionally set the largest wildfire in los angeles county history. and that means the death of two
9:34 am
firefighters killed will likely turn into a homicide investigation. the fire is 38% contained after burning through more than 137,000 acres. joining me on the phone is the public information office for the public service forest office. arson, that has been determined to be the case. how did that happen? >> well, there was an official investigation, and, of course, there are several agencies involved including the los angeles county's sheriff department and l.a. county fire department, and they came to the conclusion after the investigation that it was arson. >> how do you begin tracking down who ever started the heinous fire? >> as far as specifics go, related to the investigation i would not have any information to offer, rather it would have to be one of the official agencies that is named in the
9:35 am
investigation. so it would have to provide that information. >> what about the fact that two firefighters were killed sunday as they were trying to escape. will charges be brought? >> well, that's what agencies are stating. the information i can provide to you is mostly related to the statistics on the fire, as far as fire behavior or activity for the people assigned. >> where does it stand. 38% contained? >> yes that's correct. >> what else? how many firefighters do you have on the front lines and how many homes are still in danger? >> well, the number of homes or structures threatened decreased prior to today. 10,000 is now showing at 6,000.
9:36 am
we have 5,000 people committed to the fire. we have 4,847 fire fighting resources on the fire. they continue to make progress. and threats to the structures and day by day the threat is lessening lessening. >> and thank you so much. >> thank you. state workers in rhode island are manning their post after the judge blocked the proposal of shutting down the government to save money. the state has a 68 million short fall in the budget. he may have to lay off state workers because of the judge's decision. >> if everybody just agreed to take a very small pay reduction
9:37 am
this year, we would not have to do that. but all i know is that every day that goes by the situation is getting worse and not better. >> we will have more on the proposed government shutdowns around the country. and an end to the season opener. he punched him in the jaw. well walking off the field, he went after the fans who were taunting him. went right up into the stands. >> hopefully we will see that. are we going to see that. and the athletic director says he will consult with officials before taking disciplinary action. oregon lost that game.
9:38 am
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breaking news out of afghanistan. dozens of seville 81civilians have been killed. nato ended up killing as many as 90 people, half of them civilians, when it hit an air strike targeting two hijacked fuel tankers causing it to erupt in a huge fireball. nato confirms it did launch the strike and said it was going after taliban insurgents. under the new rules cuban americans can send an unlimited amount of money to family in cuba, and american banks can set
9:42 am
up exchange arrangements with the banks. before they could only send $1,200 to needy family members in cuba. a 100-yard tunnel uncovered in moscow that ran underneath the city and it's believed this tunnel was part of the secret network. there are two other bunkers built for safety. one was turned into a museum, and the other is still secret. so who knows, it could be still in use. and some republicans are relentless about the president's health care, but if he does not back health care he may lose
9:43 am
democrats too. jonathan, good to see you today. here is the thing about the public insurance option. you have republican leaders saying if they take the public insurance option out of the bill we are still going after other parts of it. it seems to me the opponents are digging in their heels. republicans do not want their fingerprints on the bill. why cave? >> well, that's the question. i think joe biden has a point here. this is all part of the process. one of the things about this speech is that we are finally going to hear for the first time concrete specifics from the president as to what he wants in this health care bill. still, it remains to be seen how specific he will get. anything is better than the
9:44 am
hersheyhush mushyness. we have had town halls trying to defend against things that are not in the bills like the so-called death panels, that sarah palin made famous. >> and we are looking at olympia snow. it looks like she may be the one where the hopes are piling up on her shoulders. how would the public option trigger change the equation? >> well, it would change the equation in that it would keep a public option piece somewhere on the table. that might not -- the problem here is that while it might make olympia snow happy and keep her at the bargaining table i am not sure it will be enough to keep the progressives within the democratic party and the left in the democratic party at the negotiating party.
9:45 am
republicans dug in their heels and will say no to just about anything. the real fight is between the progressives and the blue dogs the conservative members of the democratic party. if the president can keep his party together on this, he might be able to get something done. >> and somebody was writing about the president becoming boring and he lost the ora that he had. the democrats don't have a moses to part the waters of the red sea, can they get as much done? if that's true that he is losing his magical touch are their problems in store? >> we are nine months into the presidency. we all knew that the poll numbers were going to come down. campaigning is different than governing, because you actually have to make decisions that not everybody is going to like.
9:46 am
you will have to save a little here and there on things that you promised. is he getting boring? i hardly think so. >> jonathan capehart, thank you, sir. >> thanks. government health officials are looking at new ways to educate people about the threat of swine flu. we will check out this out. it's from a wrapping doctor john clark. ♪ ♪ sanitizer, it makes germs die ♪ ♪ when you rub it and let them dry ♪ ♪ you better play it safe. >> he can keepin' it real. >> yeah, he may want to talk about saturated fats in your food! >> all right. that's nice. we'll be right back.
9:47 am
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i think we all realize that the urgency of this time is clear and it is that urgency that drives my decision. today, i announce my candidacy for the united states senate. >> and with that announcement massachusetts attorney general martha coakley becomes the first
9:50 am
to announce the seat of the late ted kennedy and she joins me right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is not necessarily a surprise. you certainly made notice of the fact that you would consider running for higher office when john kerry was being considered as secretary of state when he was considering perhaps running for massachusetts governor. why now? >> well it is an urgent time and as massachusetts and certainly the country is still mourning the loss of senator kennedy, the governor has announced the race, the primary is december 8th. this seat is very important and who is elected to it matters for massachusetts, and i believe for the whole country. we need the time. we need to have time to let voters see what the issues are who the candidates are and i believe that i have a strong background and a real ability to bring to washington all of the issues that we're worried about the economy, health care energy, environment, we've been doing that in the ag's office and i think my experience
9:51 am
working on those issues and frankly, working to get things done, problems solved, will be a benefit. >> who do you think you might be facing and what about the prospect of facing ted kennedy's nephew the former congressman joseph kennedy? >> you know, i'm the only person in the race right now so i guess i can say i'm the front-runner since i'm the only runner. we expect a big field. it's hard to tell. i know a lot of folks have said they're looking at it. certainly many of the sitting congressmen have expressed interest in it and likely go lget in. we decided and i decided i could not wait. i was going to run my own race regardless of the field and say in the race regardless of who gets in. i'm sure in the next week or two we'll see that field but it's hard to tell right now. >> that special election is set for january 19th of next year. you well know, senator kennedy had requested a change in massachusetts state law to allow the governor to appoint an
9:52 am
interim senator. should that law be changed? >> you know, just so you know, the primary is december 8th. the democratic primary is december 8th so that is even sooner and that would not change. the interim appointment would not change that. i know that the governor and the legislature is mulling that over. when they come back over labor day, they will look, i'm sure, at the pros and cons of doing that. there's advantage of having two senators full-time in the senate and that is really going to be the legislature's call and will not affect this race or the dates of this race, though. >> massachusetts attorney general martha coakley, a democrat, having thrown her hat in the ring, thank you very much for joining us and best of luck. >> thank you. have a great labor day. >> and you. we are watching wall street this morning as investors react to the august jobs report. next hour, we're joined live by one of president obama's top economic advisers christine ma roamer and how this is helping women in the work force. that is next on msnbc.
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live this hour on msnbc breaking jobs news. august job figures are out and the news is worse than expected. we're going to break down what those numbers mean with the white house economic adviser christina romer. one group finds out they are staying longer in afghanistan. is this the beginning of a trend and who leads the details of the cia program to take down terrorists? the investigation may be looking to investigate one of its own. >> wait until you find out in this crash and grab robbery what this guy got away with. welcome back on a friday morning. that story is worth sticking around for. good to see you. i'm contessa brewer. >> i'm alex witt. dylan is off this week. >> one that could please both moderate democrats and republicans who have been digging in their heels. >> the idea is to include language in this bill that would
9:57 am
trigger the public insurance option down the line if insurers don't meet certain benchmarks. the talk remains aned olympia snow who sees the trigger as a compromise. the problem is if it draws support in the -- here is mike viqueira with more on this. this trigger option, what should we make of this? >> it's an idea that has been around for a few months now that was the blue dogs that moderate group of democrats in the house who first proposed and then immediately shut down by speaker of the house nancy pelosi. she said it's a boon to the insurance companies. however, the problem is the votes are simply not there for the public option. that's becoming increasingly clear now at the democratic leadership particularly in the senate. whether you use the expedited process whereby it could pass
9:58 am
with a simple 50% vote its problematic on either pends end. what is left for the administration to do? what is left for democratic leaders to do? it's simply to ask the base of the party as represented by the sizeable liberal caucus in the house, some 83 members strong, plus any number of other democrats, core democrats who insist on having a public option, how do you break it to them that this is the only way to proceed by either having a trigger or n
9:59 am


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